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Prince Mishari bin Abdul Aziz. Sulaymaniyah Riyadh . Saudi Arabia P.O Box: 7503

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Givago is a new and fresh name in the world of perfumes that manufactures fragrances, perfumes and other scented products. We specialize in the creation of high quality perfumes made from both natural and synthetic materials based on the customerʼs needs. Our target group are young people who are looking for a fragrance that complements the contemporary look, and we also provide wholesale services to retailers.

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Be it a source of happiness, to become more attractive, or as a way to show individuality, fragrances have always been popular to most since ancient times. Our name, Givago, comes from a Russian name that means life, and that is what we want our brand and products to represent: an essential part of everyoneʼs daily life.


To start with a good fragrance is one way to leave you in a good mood throughout your day. We promise a product that can be depended upon by providing a perfume that can be used daily, and ensure a great lasting impression for the user, along with the people around them. Our products are mainly focused on the youth. For both men and women, we provide only the most exceptional anddelightful of perfumes.


The concept of life reflects our mission to cater to our customersʼ daily needs for the most captivating perfumes. Givago aims to satisfy retailers as well as customers by offering an attractive range of fragrances that fulfill the needs of multiple age groups, from youth to golden agers, in contemporary packaging, and a delectable scent that doesnʼt give up on quality, while offering competitive prices.


Our most crucial value is reliability, which we are confident is one of the most important foundations for mutual trust between us as a brand and our customers. Our management provides constant guidance and training for our team members, and in doing so, our passionate team makes certain that all of the aforementioned is continually implemented to represent our brandʼs never-ending effort towards both an experience and a product that fits all and canʼt be replicated. Our Culture


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Givago is committed to cruelty-free product formulation, & testing.