Noir Verni incense

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"Noir Verni" is an incense that reveals the essence of elegance with its unique composition that combines black oud, frankincense, cardamom, amber and rose, making it the ideal choice for all seasons. Enjoy the luxurious and elegant experience that Noir Vernet offers, and let it enhance your elegance and luxury at all times.

The opening opens with notes of luxurious sandalwood that add a touch of warmth and luxury. The incense in the middle sparkles with notes of luxurious leather and mysterious amber that add depth and unparalleled appeal. The base settles with distinctive notes of vetiver that add a touch of mystery and unique appeal.

Discover the true essence of elegance with “Noir Verney”, and let it reflect your fine taste and add a touch of luxury and beauty to your surroundings in all seasons.

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